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As if we needed to alarm the nuclear custodians

India’s risks go up when US media invokes nuclear Rambos

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

TIME magazine reports:

The prospect of turmoil in Pakistan sends shivers up the spines of those U.S. officials charged with keeping tabs on foreign nuclear weapons. Pakistan is thought to possess about 100 — the U.S. isn’t sure of the total, and may not know where all of them are. Still, if Pakistan collapses, the U.S. military is primed to enter the country and secure as many of those weapons as it can, according to U.S. officials. [TIME]

Well, the prospect of the United States doing that should send shivers up the spines of…all Indians actually. The Americans don’t know how many nuclear weapons Pakistan has, and they don’t know where they are stored and yet, they want to enter the country and secure as many of those weapons as they can. Hey, just one unaccounted coconut is scary enough and here we’re are talking about an unknown margin of error.

Now, Pakistani nuclear weapons can’t quite reach the United States (except in that shipping container, perhaps) but they can reach India. So instead of alarming the good folks whose job it is to keep Pakistan’s crown jewels safe, can the US media do the responsible thing and stop such sensational, speculative reporting.

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Update: Stephen Walt discusses this on his blog, of course, from an American perspective.

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