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Being less of a threat to Pakistan

Shouldn’t India nail that canard?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Here’s a thought: almost everyone in Pakistan, and many thinking people in the United States still believe in that story about why having to face a stronger army on its eastern border makes the Pakistani army less able to throw more resources into the fight against the Taliban (see this post on Pragmatic Euphony).

At one level Pakistan’s insecurity with respect to India is structural. There’s nothing India can do about that (see Dhruva’s post). At another level, the perception of insecurity is purely military in nature. There is something—actually many things—that India could do about that.

Like moving some strike formations and heavy equipment some distance away from the border. Surely, it can’t be that the Pakistanis will take advantage of this and send armoured columns rolling into India across the Indian border? If not Washington’s frown, they surely will fear yet another military defeat at the hands of the Indian army.

Once India gets itself a new cabinet, perhaps the foreign minister or his boss can announce that as long as the Pakistan army is really fighting the Taliban (“the common threat to India, Pakistan and the United States”, as people like to say these days), it need not fear an Indian attack.

Remember, this has little bearing on checking the infiltration of terrorists along the Line of Control, or indeed the international border. Counter-infiltration must continue, and indeed, gear up.

So why not?

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