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The Longbottom standard for Rajapakse

Colombo might have won the war with China’s help. It can’t win the peace without India’s

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Just in case you missed it in the heat of the elections, here’s the take on the situation in Sri Lanka:

Now, while President Rajapaksa’s election manifesto promised to include in the Sri Lankan Constitution a charter to uphold and protect social, cultural, political, economic and civil rights of all Sri Lankans”, there are some among his supporters who want to translate the LTTEs defeat into a victory for Sinhala supremacism. The immediate task for Indian foreign policy, therefore, is to hold President Rajapaksa to the Longbottom standard: It takes a great deal of bravery for him to stand up to his enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to his friends.

How? Well, read on.

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