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Goodbye Offstumped

An announcement

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Many of you must be wondering about recent changes at Offstumped and INI.

With this note we want to communicate together on the road ahead.

While INI continues to be focused on being a non-partisan community of individuals committed to economic freedom, realism in international relations, an open society, a culture of tolerance and good governance, Offstumped has been unique in its effort to pursue this objective with a clear political focus and engagement in the political realm. These are two different paths, and both are essential to bring about the changes that we want to see.

Offstumped as a vehicle will continue to pursue its political focus as an independent vehicle while the INI platform will continue to retain its non-partisan character with a strong emphasis on increasing public awareness and education on strategic affairs and public policy.

Offstumped and INI share a common commitment towards India’s future, but will function as independent vehicles to be most effective in achieving our goals.

More details on Offstumped’s future plans can be found here.

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