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Are Washington Post’s editors out to lunch?

Beware: it is seeing India fighters marking halls

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Just because Shaiq Hussain and Karin Brulliard, reporting from Rawalpindi, sent in their report on a Sunday, it doesn’t mean that the Washington Post’s editors can let references to Little Green Men from Mars appear unfactchecked in their news pages. Look at this (linkthanks @muladhara):

Despite the Taliban’s assertion of responsibility for the attack, some analysts and intelligence officials said the assault bore the hallmark of Indian fighters, who might have been acting in retaliation for a bombing last week outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul, the Afghan capital. Pakistan’s intelligence officials have regularly alleged that India, its archrival, supports insurgents fighting in their country. [WP]

Hallmark of India fighters? Hallmark of Indian fighters? Hallmark of Indian fighters?

Remember this is the Washington Post, not even the New York Times. And it says Indian fighters. It needs to either sack some of the editors responsible—for who knows what they’ll allow to slip through next—or perhaps hire one.

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