March 3, 2010Security

Send me a fax. No you call my cellphone!

Maoist leader has talktime

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Here’s a delightful passage from today’s Hindu:

Mr Chidambaram had earlier given a fax number of the Union Home ministry for (Maoist leader Koteshwara Rao) Kishenji to make his offer of talks, with the stipulation that there should be no ifs, buts and preconditions“.

Kishenji had responded by sharing a mobile number and saying he would wait for a phone call.

There has been no response from the government to the number we gave to Union Home Minster for talks so far. There is no phone call from them. This proves once again that Chidambaram is not interested in talks,” Kishenji alleged.

The Maoists would communicate to the media by fax if they received a positive response” from the Government, he said. [The Hindu]The Maoists will send a fax to the media but will not send one to Mr Chidambaram. They want him to call Kishenji’s cellphone. Clash of egos?

A deadlock like this can only occur when neither party feels sufficient pain in order to swallow pride and wave that white handkerchief. Mr Chidambaram should just wait for that fax.

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