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Vyuha - a new blog on The Indian National Interest

Perspectives on cyber strategy

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Srijith K Nair joins us on INI, with Vyuha where he:

aims to explore the cyber security strategies (and to a lesser extent, the overarching information security aspects) that are of paramount importance to India in this networked 21st century and beyond.? Towards this end we will be covering important events and developments that shape this area while expounding our views on the issues. In doing so we hope to influence, ever so slightly at the least, the doctrines and the key players involved in promulgating them. [Vyuha]

Srijith is fellow for cyber strategy at The Takshashila Institution’s national security programme. The new blog will feature posts by Srijith and his colleagues at the cyber strategy policy research team.

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