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Weekday Squib: The Mudcrab’s Birthday Party

A bedtime story

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Teji & Nida were excited. They couldn’t wait to go to Muddy Prasad’s birthday party that evening. Finally it was 5 o’ clock and it was time to go.

There were two huge mudcrabs standing outside Muddy Prasad’s house. But you can’t go in there with those clothes”, they said. You’ll have to change first.”

Teji & Nida were surprised. After all, they were wearing the beautiful new clothes Mommy had bought specially for the birthday party. But they didn’t want to be inappropriately dressed, and seeing that the two huge mudcrabs wouldn’t let them in unless the little girls agreed to change, Teji & Nida decided to go along with it.

First, you must step under this shower. It’s okay, keep your clothes on,” they said. The water was dirty, black and smelt of rotten cabbages, and completely drenched the two little girls.

Next, you must roll in the dirty mud,” they said. And Teji & Nida rolled and rolled in the dirty mud until they were completely covered with the stuff. It was on their hair, it was on their clothes, it was inside their socks and shoes, and it covered their face. Teji couldn’t make out what exactly it smelt like, but it was awful in any case.

Now you two girls are ready for the fun,” the two huge mudcrabs said as they opened the door. Teji & Nida were already beginning to enjoy themselves.

Muddy Prasad was right in the middle of the room, wearing a birthday sock on his head. Other mudcrabs were milling around him trying to keep the birthday sock on their heads as the flimsy elastic bands that held them came apart. A big fat mudcrab, who looked a lot like Muddy Prasad (Teji & Nida correctly guessed that he was Muddy Prasad’s father) cleared his throat. It’s time for our first game. Bring the tub!” he said.

As soon as the gigantic tub was brought into the room, all those present gave a collective whoopee!” and jumped right into it. As they did, a lot of the sticky mud splashed out. Muddy Prasad pulled Teji & Nida in it too. Jump,” he said, Jump as high as you can, and splash the mud as far as you can!” They jumped and they jumped until all the mud had splashed out. It was all over the roof, it was all over the walls, and of course, it was all over the guests.

And then somebody shouted time for the second game. Let’s build the Yuck Man!” And they began to roll the mud into a Yuck Man. It’s just like a Snow Man” said Muddy Prasad’s father to Nida. But it’s made out of this yucky mud.”

They had almost finished building the Yuck Man when all of a sudden a ball of slimy mud landed on Muddy Prasad’s face. He was shocked for a moment. But only for a moment. Because the very next moment yelled in delight Muck ball time!” Balls of slimy mud of various sizes started flying about the room. Teji couldn’t make out what exactly they smelt like, but they were awful all the same.

It was when Nida had thrown her fifth muck ball, this one aimed at Muddy Prasad’s father, that she noticed that a big black box was being wheeled into the room. People started gathering around it. One huge mudcrab went over and opened it with a flourish—inside was a brownish-black cake!

This time it’s got snail cream and crunchy cockroaches in it” Muddy Prasad informed them. And live snails for the topping. Yum!”

He positioned the cake between him and his guests. He smiled as they sang:

Yucky Birthday to you!

Yucky Birthday to you!

Yucky Birthday to you, Muddy Prasad

Yucky Birthday to you!

Here, have a slice” he offered Teji. No, thanks, I’d rather not” she said. At that, he smeared the slice on her face, and everyone roared with laughter. Over here, this is what we do to those who don’t eat their cake.”

Here, have a slice” he offered Nida. She took a bite, and immediately wished she hadn’t. But then, she didn’t always like to do what Teji did. Everyone said she copied her sister!

Finally, it was time for all the guests to leave. Teji & Nida thanked Muddy Prasad and his family for a wonderful evening and made their way home.

Mommy answered the door. She was wearing nice, fresh, white dress. And the two little girls gave her a big hug.

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