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On bloggingheads - India, US, China and Af-Pak

The geopolitics of hope?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Here’s a diavlog with Robert Wright, editor-in-chief of bloggingheads.tv on what they’ve titled as the geopolitics of hope. The conversation ranges from India-US relations, US-China relations, Af-Pak and even legitimacy of governments.

So sit back relax, spill your coffee or Fall Off Your Chair™

Jump to segments:

When American jobs go to India and elsewhere (06:21)

Is China malicious or just coolly self-interested? (08:08)

What India gets out of the AfPak mess (05:14)

Pakistan’s Military-Jihadi complex” (06:11)

Do the terrorists win when we withdraw troops? (08:29)

India’s expanding beat as global cop (05:10)

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