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Three thoughts on Independence Day

On society, its attitudes and a mantra for improvement

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

For quiet contemplation on Independence Day:

It is our disorganized society which prevents our ideas and activities from being broad, the narrower self from being merged into or sacrificed for the sake of the greater—and our national experiences are being dissipated and wasted for want of a storing and coordinating centre.[Our problem…]

Hypocrisy, freedom & corruption

Hypocrisy, freedom & corruption

Give us back our economic freedom, and let it reverse the entitlement economy of corruption and cronyism.

Give us back our individual liberty, and let it reverse the competitive intolerance that is destroying India’s social capital.

Give us a government that restricts itself to being competent in its basic duties — like ensuring the rule of law –, and let it reverse the tide of violence and the grammar of anarchy.

Peace! Peace! Peace! [The mantra…]


The Three Thoughts Archive:

It is a tradition on this blog to use Independence and Republic Days as opportunities for contemplation, reflection and introspection.

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