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Westland Publications to publish Nitin Pai’s forthcoming book

Through playful anecdotes and stories-within-stories, the book teases out the intricacies of the dharma of citizenship, quite distinct from the rajadharma of the Arthashastra or the swadharma of the Dharmashastras.

The Nitopadesha: Moral Tales for Good Citizens’ is a deeply thought-provoking and surprisingly light-of-touch examination of what it means to be a citizen. Announcement Westland Publications (an Amazon company) is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a forthcoming work ‘Nitopadesha: Moral Tales for Good Citizens’ by Nitin Pai, Co-Founder and Director of Takshashila Institution. The book, slated to release in early 2022, will be published under Westland’s literary imprint, Context.

This is the text of the media release put out by the publishers on August 8th, 2021

In a style reminiscent of classic moral fables like the Panchatantra, the Hitopadesha, and the Jataka tales, Nitopadesha: Moral Tales for Good Citizens addresses a lacuna in traditional and contemporary literature: the absence of stories on what it is to be a good citizen in a liberal democratic society. Through playful anecdotes and stories-within-stories, Pai teases out the intricacies of what could be called the dharma of citizenship, quite distinct from the rajadharma of the Arthashastra or the swadharma of the Dharmashastras. Inside this book of traditional wisdom readers might find insights from political science, philosophy, cognitive psychology and economics.

The book is being represented by Writer’s Side Literary Agency.

Commenting on the acquisition, Co-Founder and Director, Takshashila Institution Nitin Pai said,

This book is of little stories that citizens of all ages can enjoy telling each other. You can read it for the serious and weighty stuff that you might discover in its pages, or simply be delighted by the characters, their adventures and their predicaments. I am happy to have played a role in transmitting some of our civilisational wisdom, good sense and simple joys to contemporary readers.”

Ajitha G.S., Managing Editor, Westland Publications added,

Nitopadesha is a pleasure to read; you slip into a familiar universe, following the thread of the story from one narrator to the next, from one layer to the one under. But equally, in our fractured world, it is an urgent enquiry into that question we all ask: but what can I do?’

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Nitin Pai is co-founder and director of the Takshashila Institution, an independent centre for research and education in public policy. He has been writing about international relations, economic policy, technology and ethics since 2003, both on his blog The Acorn and also columns in a number of newspapers and digital publications.

He now lives in Bangalore with his wife, three children and dog.

About Westland Publications Pvt Ltd:

Founded in 1962, Westland is one of India’s largest English-language trade publishers, bringing out print books and e-books in genres ranging from popular and literary fiction to business, politics, biography, spirituality, popular science, health and self-help. Its key publishing imprints include Context, which publishes award-winning literary fiction and non-fiction, Eka, which publishes the best of contemporary writing in Indian languages and in translation, Tranquebar, home to the best new fiction from the Indian subcontinent, the eponymous Westland Sport and Westland Business, Westland Non-Fiction, and Red Panda’, which publishes a range of books for children of different ages.

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