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Recent posts:

The Ukraine war and the global surge in human stupidity
Societies, governments, corporations and individuals are harming their own interests in their response to the war | 28th Mar 2022

The end of globalisation, 1989-2022
Western sanctions on Russia have killed globalisation | 27th Mar 2022

No ideology, just anti-West
The Chinese-Russian model might be more attractive to the world's regimes because they have no ideological baggage. | 27th Mar 2022

Arms control for economic WMDs
The train has left the station, but Raghuram Rajan's suggestions can help mitigate the damage to the global economy. | 27th Mar 2022

Misgivings about hardware subscriptions
Hardware-as-a-service can disconnect individuals from means of economic production and concentrate market power into the hands of tech giants. | 27th Mar 2022

Russia buries 20th century nuclear behavioural norms
Whatever the result of the Ukraine war, Russia has upturned the fifty-year-old norm of nuclear deterrence. | 26th Mar 2022

The closing of McDonald’s in Moscow is bad news for the global economy.
By taking sides in the Ukraine war, Western multinationals have undermined the logic of globalisation | 14th Mar 2022

Who is responsible for the Ukraine war, and who is its winner?
Regardless of the military outcome, alas, no one wins this war. Everyone loses. The only difference might be who loses more and relative to whom. | 13th Mar 2022

Putin’s invasion of China marks the biggest failure of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy
The Ukraine war is not merely an embarrassment for Xi ahead of China’s Communist Party session later this year. It is a damning indictment of his foreign policy. | 25th Feb 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is marked by a big Chinese failure
How Vladimir Putin jumped the gun and jeopardised Xi Jinping's global ambitions | 24th Feb 2022

How Russia and NATO are fighting an information war over Ukraine
Major cyber offensives may be unlikely but information operations are in full swing | 14th Feb 2022

How can India become a global technological power?
It is by being an indispensible part of the eco-system that will ensure India has both access to technology and, to some extent, the ability to control access to technology. | 13th Feb 2022

State administrative services are crucial to federalism
More than transfers of elite civil servants, it the systemic inability of India’s states to recruit adequate numbers of public officials that is the bigger scandal | 31st Jan 2022

Major powers are extending their spheres of influence
India must project both its power and its values to shape the new world order. | 23rd Jan 2022

The co-evolution of genes and culture is revolutionizing policy
Remembering Edward O. Wilson -- and how insights from evolutionary biology can explain how we got here and what we must do to be better | 17th Jan 2022

Open source is in India’s national interest
India can limit the power of transnational technology firms and foreign governments by promoting open source software development. | 3rd Jan 2022

Geopolitics of the Information Age
It will be the objective of this column to discuss with you, dear reader, the geopolitics of the Information Age, and to chart the best course for India during this yuganta. | 2nd Jan 2022

2021 - The Year in Fiction
My favourite books of fiction of 2021 | 31st Dec 2021

Interrogating the Deep State
My conversation with Josy Joseph at the Bangalore Literature Festival | 22nd Dec 2021

Insurgencies can be defeated by strengthening democratic and federal politics
AFSPA is a red herring. Restructuring the Rajya Sabha will better address states' grievances | 20th Dec 2021

The contest to create the web’s third generation has intensified
The internet is being reshaped by market rivalry, state control, geopolitics and a social backlash | 6th Dec 2021

We should support a global ban on destructive anti-satellite tests
Reckless behaviour by as responsible a space power as Russia calls for action to preserve humanity's access to space | 22nd Nov 2021

Cautious re-globalisation through bubbles of trust
The Quad must take a strategic approach to economic interdependence and take a middle path between the extremes of technological sovereignty and laissez-faire globalisation | 12th Nov 2021

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