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You misunderstand the role of evidence, Mr Narayanan

India’s evidence is credible only if India acts on it

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

India’s national security advisor is piqued at the US State Department for not wanting to know the facts’ about the terrorist attacks on Mumbai before it weighed in on Pakistan’s side. He misunderstands the role of evidence. That’s because the United States is not an impartial judge who will rule on the balance of evidence. It is just another state that will rule on its own perception of the balance of its own interests. Factual evidence, or lack thereof, has never come in the way of pursuit of its own agenda. That is just the way it is.

The only real use for evidence’ of Pakistani involvement is to justify any punitive action, especially of the military kind, after India has embarked on it. Not only would this justify the action but also make the evidence itself more credible. After all, India actually acted on it.

So if India does not intend to act then attempting to convince the Americans on the merits of India’s case is a pointless exercise. Furthermore, lamenting that the Americans are not interested in listening is not just pointless, but shameful. That’s because the Indian people entrust their national security to the folks in New Delhi. Not the folks in Washington. At least the national security advisor should know that.

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