September 14, 2006Foreign Affairs

Worshipping false gods

M K Bhadrakumar edition

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Sometimes it shows. Many on the Indian Left look up China because, well, they are Leftists and China used to be too. But sometimes, the admiration causes them to make some fantastic assertions. Referring to long-running insurgencies in Balochistan and India’s North Eastern states, M K Bhadrakumar writes:

The subcontinent’s political culture arguably makes allowance for such bloodshed. India and Pakistan are not like China, which puts primacy on creating a peaceful environment in which meaningful growth becomes possible. [Rediff emphasis added]

There you were, thinking that democracy provides the best way to balance development and equity. And then along comes Bhadrakumar, lumps you in the same category as Pakistan and then tells you that it is China that is creating a peaceful environment” in which growth becomes possible. Surely, he couldn’t be recommending that India follow the Chinese model when it comes to putting primacy on creating a peaceful environment”?

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