September 19, 2006Foreign Affairs

Contained by China, Engaged by China

Giving to India what it is getting from America

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

American Enterprise Institute’s Christopher Griffin argues that without American support, India is at risk of being boxed in by Beijing’s containment strategy.

But all is not as it seems in Asia. Indeed, the more one follows Sino-Indian relations, the more it appears that Beijing has ripped a page from what it perceives as the U.S. playbook for containing a rising power. The People’s Daily recently summarized U.S. policy toward China:

There have been two tendencies in the United States in the formulation of its China policy, one holding China as a potential rival that must be contained on all sides; the other believing China’s momentum is irreversible. . . . [It must therefore] be engaged to play a “responsible” and “constructive” role. Washington’s China policy in recent years has turned out a combination of the two, while its [recent] acts are all-sided containments under the cloak of engagement words.

As frustrating as Beijing finds this perceived policy of “all-sided containments under the cloak of engagement,” it has found the approach increasingly useful in its own relationship with India.[Christopher Griffin/AEI]

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