November 23, 2006Security

Like Schwarzenegger, but more practical

The future of the Indian infantryman

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

The Indian army plans to reinvent the humble infrantryman: Project F-INSAS will exploit advanced technologies to enhance the capabilities of individual soldiers, making them multi-mission, multi-role war fighters”’. Infantrymen, by the way, are already multi-mission multi-role war fighters, who are expected to fight in any conditions and adapt their weapons to any combat situation. The high technology that F-INSAS aims for will better equip the infantryman as he goes about his job.

Brigadier V Manoharan, deputy director-general, Infantry Directorate, who is closely associated with the project, said: The future Indian infantry soldier will be the Arnold Schwarzenegger-type. Only he will be more practical than the Hollywood hero.” [HT]

The army chief has said that the project offered tremendous scope for close cooperation between the CII, domestic industry, international players and the DRDO. Now, that appears to be good news. Only if it manages to scrape through the procurement scandalyard.

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