November 26, 2006Public PolicySecurity

Naked passengers on the flight cause no harm

Sword-bearing ones do

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Remember the ruckus a few years ago when Akali Dal politician Simranjit Singh Mann insisted on carrying his kirpan to parliament? Things have come a long way since then, as the Indian government has decided to allow Sikh passengers to carry kirpans on board domestic flights—as long as they less than 9 inches long. This, in an age where half-inch nail clippers are confiscated at the security gate. The Rational Fool condemns the succumbing to the tyranny of minorities, and asks where it will all end.

What if Muslim women should demand the right to wear a burqua in photo id’s? Less risky to sensitive installations, but more risky to the sensibilities of the clothed majority, what if the Digambara Jains were to demand the right to travel in the nude? [The Rational Fool]

Naked passengers may just cause in-flight embarassment, but that nine-inch long knives with six-inch long blades are security threats is undeniable. Terrorists just need to snatch one from the pious Sikh across the aisle.

Kirpans are still not allowed in parliament. Indian politicians, you see, take no chances when it comes to their own safety.

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