January 25, 2007Foreign Affairs

Mascot of China-Pakistan relations

What would China and America do without their inseparable ally?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

They are right, actually. China-Pakistan relations are, indeed, higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the Indian Ocean and sweeter than honey”. If they need a mascot, they could use a Xerox photocopier. China helps Pakistan with such things as nuclear technology and ballistic missiles. Pakistan, putting its (major, non-NATO) alliance with the United States to good use, returns the favour.

There has been recurring media speculation in recent years that (China’s new J-10) was constructed using information gleaned from a Pakistani-supplied US F-16 and technological details of Israel’s scrapped Lavi fighter. [ISN]

Another age, another aircraft, same game.

“In July 1968 an intelligence source revealed that Chinese technicians had been allowed to examine US-provided F-104 aircraft at Pakistan’s Sargodha Air Base and to collect F-104 spare parts and material samples which were taken back to China for analysis,” Denney wrote to then-secretary of state Dean Rusk. [The Vietnam war doublecross]

Related Link: Joe Katzman describes how India pulled its weight with Russia and has spoilt the Pakistan-China party on JF-17, for now.

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