April 23, 2007Public Policy

No quotas this year

The Supreme Court ask the UPA government to set the rules before playing the game

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Thousands of young people should be relieved. The Supreme Court has put an end, for now, to the UPA government’s brinkmanship over the introduction of additional reservations in higher education on the basis of India’s demographics in 1931. Ninad Laud has detailed coverage at Lex:

“After having heard all parties at length, we find no reasons to wary our order”. This one line order disposing off the application for modification filed by the Govt should bring much relief to all the anxious readers of Lex.

What’s more, our fears (which I had brought out in my post yesterday) have also been taken care of by another substantive Writ Petition having been filed by the Pan-IIM Alumni Association which has among other things challenged the directions being issued by the HRD Ministry to the IIMs regarding the admissions. This Petition has been taken on board and will be heard along with the other Petitions in August. [Lex]This battle is over but the long war continues. The Supreme Court will decide on whether to admit the government’s plea to refer the case to a Constitution Bench—essentially a bigger panel of judges—for a final verdict.

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