July 6, 2007Foreign Affairs

The drama in Islamabad (literally)

Good script, good action

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

First, Abdul Aziz Ghazi was caught trying to escape’ hidden inside a burqa. Several explanations on how exactly they realised that it was a man inside a woman’s clothing. Mr Ghazi is discredited. It now turns out that that it was the ISI that had asked him to turn up for a discussion, dressed in the burqa as usual.

Second, Mr Ghazi is made to recant and confess and all that, still wearing the burqa. Just in case people had missed the original story of him being caught in the burqa. By this time, public opinion is largely behind Gen Musharraf.

Third, Pakistani officials reveal that Musharraf’s plane might have been targeted by anti-aircraft guns from an Islamabad rooftop. The military spokesman then denies that Musharraf was the target, although he confirms the gun-on-rooftop story. There are a number of different descriptions of guns that were on that rooftop. For good measure, an anonymous security official has let it be known that the guns are similar to the ones used by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

And suddenly, Gen Musharraf is back again as the man single-handedly confronting Islamist radicals, at the risk of his own personal life. Nice.

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