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Pragati October 2007: An unwise excavation

The Indian National Interest Review

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Issue 7 - October 2007 [Download from here, PDF (2.2MB) ]

Pragati Issue 7 Cover



Dredging the Palk Strait - Nitin Pai

Sethusamudram is not a good route to development and strategic security

Plates, rifts and coral reefs - Suvrat Kher

Why the Palk Strait is as it is

Epic Problems - Jayakrishnan Nair

The Archaeological Survey of India deserves criticism

Talking to Tom James - Aruna Urs

…about energy markets, alternative fuels and clean energy


One India plan; The Traitor; On naval encirclement; Out of first base; Contingency planning; Energy interests in Burma


The making of the order - Joe Katzman

The first of a two-part series on India’s multi-role fighter aircraft acquisition


What next for the Saffron Revolution? - Tara Horn

Democracy might still be some distance away for Burma

That horse called democracy - Manan Ahmed

The stakes were always this high for the Pakistani people

Relations with a new nation - Loro Horta

How far South East is New Delhi prepared to go?


Mark Tully and India - Chandrahas Choudhury

A review of India’s Unending Journey

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