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Pragati October 2008: After the bailout

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Asian growth in an American vaccuum

A stronger rupee is the path ahead for India

V Anantha Nageswaran

Frontline worry in the war on terror

Washington must learn to do without a friendly Pakistani general

Nikolas Gvosdev

Fewer laws, more efficient enforcement

There are no shortcuts in the battle against terrorists

Ravikiran S Rao

Towards a new anti-terrorism policy

A seven-point programme

Nitin Pai


The Vajpayee-Manmohan doctrine

The moorings of contemporary Indian foreign policy

Dhruva Jaishankar


Washington’s Pakistan strategy; Pakistan’s westward drift; The next chapter

Vijay Vikram


A new millennium in science

India’s scientific output has risen sharply since 2000

Christopher King

An electric imperative

Bringing power sector reforms back onto the national agenda

Gulzar Natarajan


American Indians

A review of Vinay Lal’s The Other Indians

Chandrahas Choudhury

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