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Towards an Indian strategy for the Information Age

Key points from the chapter in "India's Path to Power: Strategy in a World Adrift"

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Over the next decade, global information politics will rise in salience amid sharper international contestations in technology and cyberspace. Three trends are likely to be the most prominent during this period:

To protect its interests India must develop the capability both to use the cyber domain to achieve state objectives and to deny adversaries such use in the international arena.

Get the full report; and the overall TL;DR here. This post has annotated excerpts from Chapter 5: Strategy in the Information Age.

India must become a credible cyber power over the next ten years.

A globally competitive tech industry, some networking of the armed forces and use of cyber tools by intelligence agencies does not by itself make India a cyber power.

To become a credible cyber power, India must

Leverage Strengths

Set up a Cyber Commission

This is along the lines of the Atomic Energy and Space Commissions in the 1950s and 60s that developed nuclear and space capacity. Those were pure governmental efforts. Cyber must transcend governmental boundaries.

Develop strategy, doctrine and extensive cyber arsenal within the timeframe of a few years A networked national initiative that draws on strengths and resources in government, private sector, civil society and individual citizens Develop offensive cyber capability

My remarks at the launch event

The entire report India’s Path to Power: Strategy in a World Adrift can be downloaded from the Takshashila or CPR websites.

To read about more things like this, you can check out my published raw notes and my massive archives. The report covers recommendations for foreign policy, defence policy, geo-economics, the environment and the social sector.

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